Be the Leader You Wish You Had

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Date(s) - June 8th
11:00 am - 12:15 pm


Have you ever wished that the person who supervises you consistently demonstrated the characteristics of a genuine leader? That he or she influenced people to follow as a result of honorable words and actions, and modeled behaviors that you would like to emulate? That the way you experienced interactions left you feeling heard, respected, and supported? Perhaps you are fortunate and your boss does all of these things, but perhaps not. Either way, regardless of your rank, role, or assignment, you can do everything mentioned, and more, to create profoundly positive effects upon yourself and those around you. In this webinar, Dr. Sherman will be discussing “The Success Triad” (attitude, alignment, and actions), and how it can elevate your morale, optimize your outlook, and directly point your career in an upward direction. It will become clear in this training that you can exercise more control over your situation than you may be currently doing, and how making such a shift can open doors to being a true leader.

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